Join date: Dec 20, 2020

Hey guys! I'm Brooke part of your BBS team. I am a certified Nutrition & Health coach, Wife & mum to the worlds tallest toddler.

I am here in this community for YOU. My focus & genius zone is helping you to

- Un- Diet. I think diets suck!

- Stress & sleep management

- Creating "stackable habits" so health is SIMPLE

- Human will change your life

- Essential oils for a healthy body & home

(If you need help with your squats head to Jade. I suck at them & no matter how many I do I don't yet have Miranda Kerrs butt.)

Wow that seems like a lot when its typed out but honestly babe its all intertwined. I am here anytime you need so feel free to follow/ chat here or instagram on @mywelllife or email me on

Have a beautiful day. Mwah B x

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