where health, fitness, wellness and mindset meet.

Have you struggled with yo yo dieting? Been stressed about all the different health and fitness information out there? Have you had a hard time finding anything that actually seems to work? 


If so take deep breath, it’s ok… we’ve got you!


Let us take your hand and show you the way. We are health, nutrition, fitness, mindset and empowerment coaches offering one on one coaching.


We also offer online and in person fitness and pilates classes that are all about honouring and exercising to your cycle, with more in person locations coming soon around Adelaide.


We have a complete health and nutrition program that is specific for your cycle and teaches you all about your body so you have the trust and confidence within you to make the correct decisions for your body.


We want to empower YOU to take back control and learn to love and honour your body!

Meet The Coaches



Hello, Im Jade the founder of The Beautiful Bodies Society, health and nutrition coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and pilates instructor. 



Hi I’m Brooke! Wife to my teenage love, mum of 1 & coffee lover. I am a nutrition & health coach certified with Well College Global. 



"I am here to support you throughout your journey no matter what that looks like.

I can’t wait to fill your world with positivity, motivation and a toned peach!


But most of all I want to help you build a better relationship with the person in the mirror."



"Its my belief that health isn't 'one size fits all'. What works for one person doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for another. Im all about bringing it back to basics and then together we'll find what works best for you."

Lisa, 32

Working with Jade I have developed a much more better understanding of the way the various stresses, including my hormonal cycle, impact on my body's response to both exercise and diet. Under Jade's guidance I have learnt have learnt to listen to what my body is telling means to adjust my exercise and food choices accordingly to cater to my body's needs at different time, all in a way that is sustainable for long term. As a bonus I have lost centre meters off my arms, hips, waist, and thighs and receiving many positive comments about how healthy and tones I am looking. Thanks Jade, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and feel like I have a much more mindful approach towards my diet and exercises choices now.

Erin, 25

Thanks, so much Jade. I have loved the journey and development that I've had through this challenge. You are a joy to talk to and have a wealth of knowledge. you are so genuine and want to help women flourish. I look forward to the next challenge.

Jacquie, 47

I lost weight and felt really great, Jade's helps to educate you about your body and her approach is like nothing I’ve experienced before. loved working one on one

with Jade.