Meet the team

Meet Jade

Hello, Im Jade the founder of The Beautiful Bodies Society, 
I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapist, Women's Hormone Coach, Biomedx certified Flow Practitioner (Bio Individuality coach), Health and Nutrition Coach, Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Barre instructor. 
I have had over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and have really learnt a lot about the female body and how it works. 
I have suffered myself of gut and autoimmune issues, I have developed my programs to work with all aspects of your life. I don't just look at diet and exercise, but your whole lifestyle and mindset. I put plans in place to help you live a healthier and happier life whilst also showing you how you can love your beautiful body. We work with your cycle and hormones so you can de stress and really fall in love with being healthy and looking after yourself. 

I am a body-positive coach and teach women how to eat for health, not size (although weight loss on my plan is very common if it’s a goal of yours). Health comes in all different shapes and sizes and not one plan fits all. I cater my plans for the individual and make sure it aligns with you and fits into your life. 
I hope to chat and meet to you soon or see your beautiful face in one of our classes, group coaching sessions or to work 1:1 with me.  Our 12 week program is very unique, we offer physiology and bio chemistry testing, this will show us what your body and metabolism is doing, how the gut and digestive system is working and then we slowly over 12 weeks go through and create a personalised lifestyle plan that is individual for you. 

Meet Marlie

Hi beauties, I'm Marlie and im a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach with the BBS. 


I'm also a proud mum of two beautiful souls, almost 4 year old AJ and 3 month old Archie. 


Its my belief that health isnt 'one size fits all'. What works for one person doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for another. Im all about bringing it back to basics and then together we'll find what works best for you, keeping it simple and most importantly sustainable. 


Focusing on holistic health means we won't just focus on what we put in our mouth or how much we exercise, but caring for you as a whole, supporting you with your physical, mental, spiritual and social needs. 


Im so passionate about women's health. Unfortunately, there is still so much that is either 'taboo', not enough information out there or just simply ignored in so many areas of this. And thats where i want to help. 


I am currently studying hormones, fitness and nutrition around PMS and menopause, pre and post natal, as well as breathwork and savasana. I'm also studying barre pilates and reformer pilates. 


My health coaching and the need to support other women and families came from my own personal journey. Overcoming an abusive relationship, learning how to discover who i am and to learn how to love the person staring back at me in the mirror, living through panic attacks, severe anxiety and agoraphobia, and coming out of the other side of post natal depression. 


Whatever your journey looks like, I'm here to support you and to give you the tools needed to nuture, heal and grow. The most important relationship you will ever have in life is the one with yourself.


I can't wait to meet you. Sending you love xx